November 15, 2021

About Charles

Charles Batey, the man behind the trees, had an appreciation for the outdoors from a very early age. Climbing waterfalls on the Cumberland Plateau, spending summers camping in the woods of Tennessee, rafting down white waters--he just couldn’t stay away, thanks to his Father’ influence. As he matured in life, so did his skills of backpacking and rock climbing. 

guy inspecting tree branch

A native to Jefferson City, TN, well versed in the woods of Cherokee Lake, a University of Tennessee Alumni of geography and mapping techniques, a regular at the Devil’s Racetrack in Lake City...Charles is no stranger to the hills of East TN. This gave him insight into the landscape and environment.

There was always a love and appreciation for the Great Outdoors at the foundation of who Charles was. When the opportunity to travel abroad in South America presented itself, he took it. Utilizing the Patagonia field school by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Charles studied alpine rock and ice mountaineering, multi-pitch rock climbing and Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. 

He would later make his way to the Redwoods, north of San Francisco where he studied traditional wilderness skills such as animal tracking, starting a fire without matches and understanding bird language. Shortly after, Portland, Oregon’s bicycle-centric urban life caught his eye for a period of time. It was in Portland where Charles pursued Environmental Studies at Portland State University. 

He ventured into becoming a field mapping technician for the National Park Service in North Cascades National Park, a once in a lifetime opportunity. This allowed him to survey plant communities to test the accuracy of satellite imagery compiled into computer generated maps. 

His last project for his degree involved an urban forestry project for the University District in the City of Portland. Charles was able to present this in-depth research as well as recommendations for future action and maintenance. Naturally, a passion for tree care and improving nature/urban interfaces was born, as a result. 

Because of Tennessee’s intense forestry and his familiarity with that region, Charles set up shop back home. Landing a job at a local tree company, Charles worked his way up until he was running a bucket/climbing crew himself. This would eventually lead to him opening his own tree care business in the late summer of 2018, originally known as Valley and Ridge Tree Care. 

Settled in East Tennessee, Charles finds himself volunteering twice a month at Ijams Nature Center leading field trips for school kids. 

It’s with such a deep and rich foundation grounded in understanding nature, that Knox Tree Care values honorable tree removal and diagnoses. Always educating clients on whether there is an alternative to tree removal or not, such as a pruning solution. 

When you do business with us, you’ll know from the start we are about your tree, it’s in our name. 

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