November 22, 2019

Alternative Ways to Deal with Leaves

Leaves falling off trees in August and throughout the rest of fall always seem to bring a bundle of mixed emotions with them. Children become excited about jumping in leaf piles, but for adults, leaves may bring dread of lawn care tasks to come. This often involves a laborious effort of stuffing them into garbage bags to be discarded at the side of the road with garbage pickup, however, there are more efficient and environmentally friendly options.

Turn Them into Mulch 

Allowing leaves to break down and fertilize the soil is a great way to deal with them. Unfortunately, if just left alone, they’ll create a moisture barrier where mold grows easily and other damage to your lawn is likely. The best solution for this is to use a lawnmower to run over the fallen leaves, which works best if you have a lawnmower with a chop setting. This will allow them to break down and nourish your lawn without the risk of causing damage.

Art Projects

Does cold weather drive you to snuggle up and working on something crafty? Bring fall indoors with a seemingly endless variety of leaf art possibilities. Also, if this is right up your alley, you could kill two birds with one stone: lower the number of leaves in your yard and get ahead on gift planning.

Add Them to Your Compost Pile

Adding compost into your soil is a great way to improve the amount of nutrients in it and provide for your plants better. Fallen leaves are a fantastic addition to your compost pile. If you don’t already have one, starting up a compost pile is as simple as creating a pile out of leaves and other plant matter. Turn it every 3-4 weeks and by the time planting season begins, it should be ready to use. Using the lawnmower method mentioned above before adding the leaves into your compost pile helps them decompose faster.

Burn in your fireplace or woodstove

Big fires outside are banned in several areas, due to the harmful air contaminants they release. Allergens, mold, and soot are just waiting to be dispensed into the air once lit. If you have a wood stove, however, some of the leaves in your yard can be used as kindling to warm your home. This keeps the harmful aspects contained while putting the leaves to use. 

Leave some alone

Although they might seem unsightly, leaf piles become protective homes for several different creatures. Consider leaving some small piles around the edge of your yard, or where they’d do the least damage to your lawn, for sheltering frogs, mice, birds, and other small creatures seeking warmth. 

Whether you’re excited about fall or dreading dealing with a yard full of leaves, disposing of your leaves in an environmentally friendly way is important. 

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