The Problem:

The rise of urban development has decreased quality of life among residents and is slowly deteriorating the integrity of your mental and physical health.

The Solution:

PLanting new trees with purpose
Taking care of the trees we have
reconnecting with nature around us

A Desire 
for different

We believe arborists 
must be advocates

Modern humans are facing existential challenge on the fronts of climate, housing, resources, and more; and the methods of urban forestry are right at the center of the solutions. The more we learn about what trees are doing as they slowly and silently grow beside us, the more our scientific inquiry shows that just by the nature of their being, trees are growing the solutions that we desperately need.
Their shade mitigates urban heat island effects. Their roots retain our precious soil and slow rapidly running stormwaters. Their branches house countless critters, both commonplace and endangered. And their dynamic beauty inspires us to make our own lives better and more beautiful.
At Knox Tree Care, we envision a future of humans as “tree people” living healthier lives amidst a healthier environment. Knox Tree Care is a business with a mission, to lead the way towards that future through advocacy, management, and action."

America’s Greenery

Yes, we love trees. But, all jokes aside--we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.
In this increasingly urban and digital world, you are hungry for connection to nature, not just as a distant and awe-inspiring ideal as evinced by picturesque national parks, but as a grounding presence in your hectic day-to-day life.
In order to foster meaningful qualities such as stewardship and empathy, you need ready access to nature “right around the block”.
Yet the pace of new urban development is rapidly increasing, and critically important green space can and will be lost without principled guidance and voices of advocacy.
We believe urban and community green spaces to be the living forums where the important conversations about the future will be held.
We are taking on the role of arborists as advocates, using the Knox Tree Care platform.
We aim to help cities, the general public and most importantly, you, to see how urban forests, with their perennial character and long-term impact, can serve as guideposts for the enlightenment and enjoyment of your community for generations to come.

We love working with other professionals! Reach out to us if you are a:

• City Planner with a vision of an urban forest
• Architect working on a greenery project
• Doctor conducting research on health benefits of trees
• Passionate about trees and looking to partner

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