we take care of trees from sprout to Sequoyah

There’s more to pruning than you realize

pruning a tree is crucial to the safety of those who encounter your tree, and keeps it healthy for a lifetime.

Pruning includes:

• Removing of limbs that interfere with utilities or structures
• Obstruct streets or sidewalks
• Removing limbs that are dead, damaged by storms, weak, or decayed, and pose unacceptable risk
• Removing limbs that are diseased or insect-infested

Why prune?

• Reduce chances of damage during storms
• Improve tree structures

Trimming is also Pruning!

Some may argue that forest trees don’t need pruning, so why do the trees in our yards (AKA-landscape trees) need it?
Landscape trees do not have the same structural integrity as a forest tree, and require a higher level of care.
Maintain your tree’s structural integrity and aesthetic by ensuring you hire a professional who understands tree biology.

Prioritize Structural Support

Canopy cabling is a subtle and stable technique used to support the structure of your trees.

When is this needed?
 Trees with poor structure that are adjacent to your valuable property or trees with high standalone value are ideal for canopy cabiling. 

Why do we use cabling?

1. Prevention – to reduce the chance of limb failure on an otherwise healthy tree that has potentially weak unions/forks.
2. Preservation – to preserve the existence of a damaged or weak tree for its amenity or aesthetic value.
3. Protection – to mitigate the chance of failure in a potentially hazardous tree or one which poses a high risk e.g. if it is located over property of a frequently populated location like a park bench or footpath.

Growth Regulation

Growth regulator treatments are an important addition to strategic pruning

Benefits of Growth Regulation:

• Longer time between prunings
• Save money with fewer prunings
• More time with tree being healthy, grows at slower rate
• More resistant to drought and disease

When is this treatment most effective:

When trees are in close proximity with structures, roads, powerlines, or other inconvenient areas.


A last resort

Tree removal is an important aspect to tree healthcare.

When a tree is beyond saving, a removal will be necessary and unavoidable.

We conduct removals responsibly and safely for our workers and client property.

Our Strategy:

• Never rush

• Leave the property in better condition than we found it

We are not taking on new removal clients at this time. Removing trees is out of sync with our mission. But we understand that sometimes it must be done. Therefore, we will happily refer you to one of our preferred area professionals.

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