October 10, 2019

Move Over Dracula; the Hoia-Baciu Forest is the Freakiest Thing in Transylvania

Transylvania: the land of vampires and Count Dracula. Except, is it? Most locals disregard the vampire tales, and while Dracula’s castle is indeed impressive, it’s not solely homage to a mythical beast. The castle is full of historical significance. 

While vampires aren’t a favored tale in Transylvania, they do have a spot rumored to be full of demons and spirits, possibly even aliens. It’s said to be the most haunted forest in the world. Even the trees, desperately in need of a tree care specialist, seem haunted, with their gnarled, mangled trunks and branches that twist and reach out as if to grasp you. 

The trees in the Hoia-Baciu forest are in serious need of a tree care specialist.

For many, the suspense starts before even entering the forest, with orbs of unidentified light hovering just inside the tree line, as if daring them to enter. No one knows where the lights come from, or what causes them. 

If they accept the dare and enter the woods, they might just experience strange occurrences. Technology has a tendency to just stop working, and people have reported feeling high amounts of anxiety, developing random unexplained rashes, migraines, burns, and vomiting. And of course, the feeling that someone; or something, is watching them. Often called the Bermuda Triangle of Romania, the Hoia-Baciu forest is known for people entering, never to be seen again. 

Deep in the forest, is a clearing said to be at the center of all the paranormal activity. It’s an almost perfect circle, and scientists have been unable to explain why trees won’t grow in it. This has caused many to believe it’s some sort of portal to a demonic realm. Pictures that are taken in the clearing often have shadowy figures or faces in them. People of all persuasions flock to the clearing, some trying to harness the supposed power it holds, others trying to get rid of it. 

A reimagining of what the original "UFO" picture may have looked like.

A picture from the 1960s, taken by Alexandru Sift, a biologist, is what started all the intrigue surrounding the forest. In it, a bright disk is hovering above the forest. This sparked tales of aliens in the woods, and over the next few years, many witnesses stepped forward saying they had seen UFOs. 

Over the years, the tales moved away from aliens a bit, and more toward demons and uneasy spirits. Still, the legend of the Hoia-Baciu forest lives on just as strong. Do you believe the Hoia-Baciu forest is haunted? Would you accept the dare to step into its shadows?

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