March 5, 2020

New Name, Same Caring Tree Service

Valley and Ridge Tree Care is now Knox Tree Care

You may have noticed, we have a shiny new logo, website, and name. (Not to mention the super cool new chip truck that you may have seen in our Facebook videos.) We haven't had a change of ownership, nor did the Valley and Ridge name get dragged through the mud. Frankly, all the newness is a sign of the success of 2019.

What's In a Name?

The new name does a better job of showing who we are and what we are about. In the beginning, the company was called Valley and Ridge Forestry, but that was misleading because folks thought we were a timber company, not an urban forestry company, which, turns out, is a too-fancy term for residential tree service.

Then we change to Valley and Ridge Tree Care to show that we were less about cutting down trees for timber and more about trimming and removing residential trees, with a particular emphasis on caring for those trees as best we are able. But that proved to be cumbersome and long. You wouldn't believe how often the name of the company was mispronounced or misspelled. Heck, even I get a little mush mouth from time to time and blur all those words together. Some folks thought I was saying "Valiant Ridge" ... which may not actually be a bad name

We settled on Knox Tree Care because its simple, clean, easy to remember and it says who we are and what we are about better than any of the previous names, by a long shot. We're really excited about the new look and the new name. So we promise to stop changing things up on you. But rest assured, we are still the same caring company you know and trust.

tree service that cares in knox county

Our Tree Services Haven't Changed

We still offer the same great services as before.

Tree Trimming

This is still our favorite way to do things. Wherever possible, we offer pruning and trimming based solutions to problem trees. Our specialty is valuable trees close to houses (keep an eye out for future posts about strategies for managing these)

Tree Removal

As much as we love to keep trees, the homeowner has to live with them. If the likelihood of property damage is too high, or if the tree is too unhealthy or storm damaged, or simply isn't playing well with the property, then we can definitely remove it.

Lightning Protection

Those big, valuable, hundred-plus year old trees are definitely lightning rods, and if you want them to stay healthy for the long run, you should seriously consider installing a lightning protection system. Check out this link for more information. A300 Lightning Protection for Trees

Tree Cabling and Support

In case you didn't already guess. This is a big key to how we manage trees close to houses. A support cable in the canopy can provide extra insurance against breakage, and when properly installed can last for the life of the tree (which is typically longer than that of a human)

Knox tree care the full service tree service that cares

New Tree Services for 2020

Due to popular demand, we are now able to fulfill the following services.

Tree Planting

Big, beautiful ball and burlap trees are a great way to jump start an ornamental garden or a shady lawn. We can install trees up to 3 inches in diameter.

Tree Health Care

We are moving beyond simply pruning trees, and are now offering soil amendment prescriptions for trees in order further improve their beauty and vitality. Did you know, in many ornamental and fruiting varieties, different nutrients are needed for leaf and vegetative growth versus fruit and flower growth. Ask about a soil test to see what nutrients your tree needs to be its healthiest and most beautiful.

tree services include tree trimming, tree removal, tree planting, plant health care, tree cabling and support

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