December 10, 2019

Taking Care of an Indoor Tree

Indoor trees become an integral part of your decorative theme if utilized correctly. Sizes range greatly between the types of trees typically kept inside, as do their care needs. Whether or not the tree has its roots is another large aspect to consider. Keep in mind that there are indoor trees that are poisonous for pets, therefore, checking the safety of the tree you intend to purchase is ideal. 

With roots still attached

  • Trees get familiar with their surroundings, so pick a set place for it to stay and abstain from moving it often which causes unnecessary stress. 
  • Avoid allowing the soil to completely dry out, but don’t overwater, either. The soil should be damp, but not feel wet.
  • Be sure that the pot you’re using has drainage holes for excess water to escape through.
  • If the tree is one that is going to grow taller than 3-5 feet, you will eventually need to plant it outside.
  • Dust covered trees aren’t aesthetically pleasing and are possibly a health hazard; use a damp cloth to wipe all the muck away.
  • Consider when you’ll need to transport the tree to a larger pot. This usually occurs in Spring and is an appropriate time for pruning if your tree is due for it. 

If the trunk has been cut

  • Without the roots, the tree isn’t going to be a long-term house plant, however, you’ll want to find an adequate spot to place it to increase the length of survival time.
  • Trim the trunk roughly an inch above where it was cut to reopen the seal and allow it to absorb water with more ease. 
  • Place in a container of water as soon as the new cut is made, then check the water level consistently. Trees are voracious drinkers, and often need up to 2 gallons on the first day. 
  • Don’t let the water level fall below the cut. The tree will reseal itself, making it difficult for it to drink up water.
  • Restrain yourself from adding anything to the water, as normal tap water is all trees need. Additives actually do more harm than good, even if they’re marketed as beneficial. Messing with a tree’s water inhibits its ability to absorb the proper amount. 
  • Keep away from heat sources, because they’ll dry the tree out quicker and cause it to shed more. 

Plants bring fresh life to indoor spaces, but caring for them properly is essential. While it does take some effort and time to care for your plants, it’s easy and worth the work to see them flourish.

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