February 10, 2020

Two Oaks Too Close, A Tree Removal Story

This video is a bit of an adventure. We start out with some crazy stories of hawks behaving threateningly when you're up in a tree. Then there's a bit of instructional on how we ensure that the tree goes the way we want when we are taking it down so close to the house. Once we get to the backyard, it's a non-stop thrill ride of big branches raining down. And last but not least, day two of work ended just in time for a drive home in a winter wonderland.

"Please remove these trees, too close for comfort," says the Homeowner

When you have two red oaks, each 3 feet in diameter in range of easily falling on the house, it'd be hard not to worry, especially with all this rain lately. At Valley and Ridge Tree Care, we try to provide a pruning solution when available, but sometimes, tree removal is the only option to satisfy the needs of the homeowner. Check out the Facebook video below to see how our tree removal experts handled the problem trees.

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